Expert Ass Play

As we have written about before, loving ass play is a guy thing, not a gay thing. It is really all about the prostate, which is a powerful sexual organ in men and located just inside the butt hole. On the other hand, while the love of ass play is about the location of the prostate, that does not have to mean that ass play is only about that infamous "P Spot." There is a lot more to it than that.

Once guys discover the intense orgasms that can come about via ass play, they often get too focused on getting to that spot and getting off, which can be as easy as inserting a finger in the add and massaging the almond shaped mound that on the front side of the wall of the ass. However, doing just that misses a whole host of ass pleasure because, while the prostate is a key pleasure center, there are many sensitive tissues in and around the ass that are connected to the prostate and which bring intense sensations of their own.

Going Deep and Wide

The skin and tissues around the ass hole, for example, are very sensitive. And the sphincter muscles are surprisingly large and strong. And, like any muscle, they enjoy being stretched. As you go deeper into the ass, other even more delicate and sensitive tissues can be found. Pleasuring them not only feels good, they also help to stimulate the prostate because ultimately, they are all connected to it.

About eight inches inside, you find the valve that links the intestines to the rectum. It is very sensitive to the touch and many guys really love to have it stimulated. With practice (and a lot of preparatory cleaning) it is possible to insert toys all the way up the descending colon, nearly as far up as the ribs.

When dramatically stretching the ass hole wide or going very deep, care needs to be taken to go slowly, to use smooth and flexible objects that will bend with the natural curves of the body and to stop if you experience too much discomfort.

But, for those who want to expand the love of their ass, there is a world of opportunity up there.

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