Mutual Masturbation - Social Bonding Going Back Millennia

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Google "Circle Jerk" and the content you will find is remarkable in several ways. First, there is less material than one might expect, given the fact that mutual masturbation, particularly in men (both gay and straight) is very common. Second, the relatively limited content is very diverse and covers a wide range of culture, time periods and situations. The video at the right is a ritualistic dance performed by an indigenous tribe in South America simulating a giant circle jerk. There is also a fair amount of thoughtful discussion about why people (mostly guys, including a lot of straight guys) like to stroke off with other guys, like this interesting piece in BuzzFeed, titled, Why Some Guys Like to Jerk Off Together, or this one in GQ, Why Straight Men are Joining Masturbation Clubs. Though the practice is quite common, public discussion of it not, likely due to the absurd amount of shame there is about sex in our society.

In the short film Underwater the films star ends up taking part in a circle jerk with some of the guys on his swim team. Later, the team captain jerks him off in the school pool.

The most common factor among all of these depictions/discussions of group masturbation is bonding. Sure, it is sex. But guys can bust a nut on their own. And, there is something special about the shared experience of doing it together. It represents a sharing of something that is normally deep and personal and that can be freeing and cathartic, in addition to being hot and sexy.

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