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No photos/videos of minors. You can post explicit material on your personal profile pages or the forum. All other rules apply.


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Frequently asked questions

Why no porn?

We are fans of consentual, adult porn. We think it can be a very healthy expression of sexuality. There are, however, many websites for porn. This is not one of those. We are doing something different and hoping to bring a new paradigm about healthy nudity - pushing back at a culture of body shaming - to the broadest possible audience. We are walking a fine line. Nudity is OK here. Explicit sex should be shared elsewhere, or limited to your personal profile page and not shared on the Forum or Blog.

Is my privacy protected?

Yes! We do not share any member's information with anyone. Never. Be careful what information you post and you should be good!

Can I post nude photos of myself?

Yes! You bet! And, also tell us about your stories/feelings about doing it.

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